Free resources mission is to share knowledge in order to empower new generations of business leaders.  To support the entrepreneurial community, Olga offers part of her expertise on a complimentary basis.

Free resources are aimed to provide entrepreneurs with do-it-yourself (DIY) tools for business analysis and decisions.

You will find here materials for different stages of business growth, from idea testing to investment and scaling. How to understand if your product has a market hit? Where to position yourself vis-à-vis competitors? Which strategic planning tools to use? What information is important for your investor pitch?

If you have a specific business question and just need a framework to address it, browse our free library of infographics, tools, and templates. 

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Route-to-market models

How will you ensure that your products are available to the right customers, at the right time and price? Check out this RTM guide to choose the right model.

Business Ecosystems check-list

Dynamic or unstable? Flexible or shapeless? Self-regulated or disorganized? Business ecosystems are complex to manage. Design yours successfully with this check-list.

Partner fit test

Dysfunctional business partnerships could lead to loss of market opportunities, decreased profitability and burned-out teams. Choose your partner wisely with this easy test.

Start-up due diligence check-list

No only VCs benefit from startup due diligence. If you are joining as a Board member, angel investor or a key member of management team, use this simple checklist

business models

Business model frameworks

1 in 5 start-ups fails due to the flawed business model. Use these frameworks to choose the best model and improve your company’s long-term profitability outlook.

Product pitch template

Can you effectively present your product to a potential customer in less than 30 seconds? Use this easy template to craft a perfect pitch.

Business strategy discussions

Strategic planning tools

Which framework to use for your business strategy? Get best templates for market and competition analysis, product portfolio and growth axes.

Customer segmentation (Infographics)

Your target customer is the one whose problem you solve. So the more precise view you have of your ideal customers, the faster you’ll be able to reach them and help.

Product-market fit test

Developing a new product or feature could be time and resource consuming. Therefore, it is always better to get a market validation beforehand.

Competition analysis matrix

How do you position yourself in the market? Your business profitability directly depends on finding a gap between customer needs and competitive offers.