Entrepreneurs are busy changing the world. With high respect to your valuable time, ex-change courses are laser focused on delivering results. Hence topics are relevant to startup founders and CEOs, format is efficient and content is 100% original. No muss, no fuss.



As an entrepreneur, you make operational decisions daily. They are rarely black and white. Rather they are based on a complex mix of business and human factors. Therefore, traditional on-line courses built around a single academic subject may not be fit for a start-up reality. courses are holistic. They approach business problems from multiple angles and combine inputs from diverse areas:

  • business expertise, combining strategy, sales, business development, M&As, joint ventures, partnerships, negotiations, team management
  • psychology, including modern NLP techniques
  • communication, from corporate Board presentations and to public speaking events
  • theater improvisation and creative thinking skills

Thus, each course provides a unique integrated view on key topics for entrepreneurs and business owners.


Time management

You are busy running the business. As many founders, you may need to juggle multiple business priorities and personal goals. So adding an on-line course to your agenda may feel overwhelming.

We understand time pressure and constrains. Therefore, courses help you to gain the knowledge in the most efficient way.

First, you can study on the go. Video format is user-friendly and easy to digest.

Second, all courses are concise. Average module size is between 10 and 15 minutes.

Third, you are free from notetaking. Each module has downloadable PDFs with its major take-aways.

Last but not least, you have a lifetime access to study at your own pace. You can start, rewind, and repeat the course as many times as you want. It is a flexible learning adapted to the founders’ changing priorities. 


Happy work

If you decide to invest in a course, you expect fast results. It should help you to achieve your goals faster, easier, and cheaper.

Thus, courses are laser-focused on delivering tangible outcome via:

  • clear structure
  • innovative tools
  • brief practice assignments
  • functional templates
  • rea-life examples

All course content is built on the founder experience that has been analyzed, combined with extensive research and shared in the most efficient way. As a result, its pragmatic techniques are aimed at delivering immediate gains and improvements in your life and business.


Happy team

Why forcing yourself to study? Learning should be easy, fun, and engaging. That is why our courses are filled with videos, music, stories, visuals, humor, and action!

Forget about boring tutoring. Be prepared to be surprised. You will discover unconventional strategies and opportunities to practice them right away.

No worries: the courses are designed to be risk-free. So even if you are in the middle of negotiations or an established business venture, you can draw direct benefits and instill change. The end game is to help you to achieve your goals in a more intentional, enjoyable, and less stressful way.  

Are you ready to get ahead of competitors with out-of-box business approach? Check-out free introduction videos below for more details.

want to get fresh ideas for your business?

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impact negotiations

In this mini-course you will learn:

  • Key element of successful outcome
  • Creating negotiation basket
  • Biggest mistake to avoid 
  • Best kept negotiations secrets 
  • Original ways to overcome a deadlock
  • Efficient conclusion and next steps
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Joint venture
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Turn-key course: 15 modules

partner like a pro

In this turn-key course you will learn:

  • 10 commandments for a JV success
  • Stages of JV creation
  • Detailed review of each stage
  • Deal breakers
  • 6″S” approach to integration
  • Partner selection and due diligence
  • Key success factors &  KPIs

start-up growth business plan

This program gives you tools to reflect on your competitive advantage, market dynamics, customer insights and growth opportunities. 

As a result, you will identify the most promising growth axes for the next 3 years.  Business Plan document and presentation will be ready to share with investors, partners and clients.



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Comprehensive 2-month program