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This is a hybrid coaching platform for leaders focused on business and personal growth.

Whether developing organically or looking for a step change, you face important decisions for the business. Each choice leads you towards a different path. Along the way, you will encounter new markets and customers, develop new products, and choose  an appropriate distribution. That will require to build diverse resources, skills, financing, organisational capabilities. But before you start, how do you make sure that you are moving in the right direction?

A short answer is: by taking a step back from daily activities to see the big picture. It is crucial to align business decisions with your personal and professional goals. Such alignment reduces doubts and fuels motivation to overcome obstacles, inevitable during entrepreneurship journey. provides you with a variety of options and tools to find such alignment. It summarizes the best frameworks, lessons learned, expert advice, and coaching practices on different business topics. From Blog and Free resources,  on-line Courses, and off-line Workshops, you can choose whatever suits you the best at this stage.

Our goal is to support you in creating a compelling vision for your business and  a path to achieve it.


“To achieve big things, you have to have big dreams”

As a business leader, you must be bold in imagining your company’s future. Playing small and staying in your comfort zone impedes growth. Connect with your personal values, passions, and dreams, to create an appealing vision of the future. That will fuel business growth, motivate the team, attract best partners and delight your customers.


“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”

Every entrepreneur is constantly juggling business priorities and putting off fires. It’s easy to get sidetracked, unless you have a clear strategy, focus and plan. Want to benefit from best-kept corporate growth secrets? Tap into 20+ years of international experience in sales, business development, market access and innovation in tech, food, agribusiness, and management consulting.


“Vision without execution is just hallucination”
(Henry Ford)

Having a growth strategy does not guarantee results. Founders and CEO need to drive business activities to achieve strategic goals. That implies making decisions on products, supply chain, financing, team, etc. So why not leverage free resources on go-to-market, business model, product pitch, partner selection and more?


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”
(S. Jobs)

Powerful business leaders are able to seize unique opportunities and take advantage of market changes. They have an insatiable curiosity for best practices, innovative ideas and unconventional approaches. If that’s your case, check out Blog and Courses. They are filled with content to spark your creative thinking.

Enjoy the content, reach out for collaboration opportunities  and stay in touch