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About Olga

Olga Wendling is a business strategist and a start-up coach. She applies best corporate practices, tools and frameworks to support entrepreneurs during critical stages of business growth.

Her own life and career spreads across multiple domains, industries, cultures, and countries. Along the way, Olga learned a plenty of lessons on grit, passion, collaboration, and transformation.

That’s why she enjoys working with entrepreneurs, innovators, and status quoi challengers who want to change the world. “It always seems impossible until it’s done” repeats Olga with her emblematic smile.

How does it work?

Olga believes that every business situation is a part of a bigger picture. At the end, business is fundamentally human. And start-up business is intrinsically founder-bound.

That is why Olga’s approach to business strategy and planning is two-fold. On one hand, she works with business owners to analyze market environment, customer trends, competition, distribution, and internal team dynamics to understand their impact the company’s performance. On the other hand, Olga accompanies her clients’ reflection on their own personal and professional history, as well as values, beliefs, and goals that influence their business decisions. This way, a business growth trajectory and founder’s own goals are aligned, maximizing the chances of success.

What is Olga’s background?

In her 20 years of professional experience, Olga created a wealth of knowledge in different areas of business growth.

After earning her J.D. diploma in Russia, Olga co-founded a family business focusing on commercial law matters, negotiations, and dispute resolution. She further sharpened her expertise by completing a PhD in International Business Law and arbitration.

But against a conventional wisdom, Olga felt that specialization was too restrictive for solving business problems. She wanted to develop a holistic approach to business while also expanding her personal horizons.


So she moved to Latin America and the US, immersing herself in different cultures and working environments. Back to Europe, Olga graduated with MBA from a prestigious HEC in Paris. Learning English, Spanish, and French was a cherry on the cake of exploring the world.

But she did not stop there. Olga took the opportunity to move to Switzerland to join Bunge, a multinational leader in food and agribusiness sector. During her 8-year tenure with the company, Olga thrived in the unstructured, fast-past environment of a trading company. She managed M&As, industrial investment projects, joint ventures, as well as regional strategy and business development activities acting as a principal aide to the Europe CEO. She also co-chaired crisis management team and was trained as company’s spokesperson. Last but not least, she worked together with major consulting firms, such as E&Y, Deloitte and AT Kearney on key business growth and optimization projects. That led Olga to explore management consulting industry right after.

Was this enough? Obviously, not. Her drive for innovation brought Olga to SITA, a pioneer in integrated technology solutions for aviation. From bid management to business development, Olga focused on identifying customer needs and providing tailored solutions from company’s product portfolio. Clearly, she could not have done it alone. She was supported by a strong team of experts spread from APAC and Europe to Latin America and the US. Here Olga’s cultural sensitivity and collaboration became valuable assets in leveraging team capabilities for the benefit of the company. And her enthusiasm about innovative solutions led Olga to present those at different conferences and industry events worldwide.

Networking and relations building became key in her next professional move as market development director at Inmarsat, a leader in satellite connectivity. Olga worked closely with business partners and value-added resellers on developing efficient go-to-market strategies and distribution models.

Next came the Covid-19 pandemic. A forced pause that turned into opportunity, as Olga realized that she had closed the corporate cycle. It was about time to start entrepreneurial journey and to share her knowledge with a broader community. That’s how was born as a hybride coaching platform.

Why working with Olga?

Olga believes that there is always more than one solution to any problem. So she will partner with you to find the most suitable one for your business.

Expect personalized, authentic, unorthodox approach accompanied by Olga’s famous can-do attitude and emblematic smile. She will provide structure and frameworks while leaving enough space for creating options. She will value your experience while respectfully challenging some of your assumptions. She will adapt holistic global approach while considering all significant details. And she will relentlessly focus on your vision to guide you towards business success.

Is it only about business? Not really, as life is so much more. It’s also about experiences, hobbies, memories, personal projects, etc. If you are open to exchange, Olga will share her passion for travel, art, photography, drawing, theater improvisation, education and more. She believes that trust is a vital component of working together and she is willing to invest in building it.

So if you value both professional expertise and human connection, do get in touch.